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Let's Learn English

Free ESL Flashcards, Worksheets and Videos to Master English!

Our free ESL flashcards, worksheets, and videos, are powerful teaching tools.

With AGO Kids ESL education resources such as free ESL flashcards, worksheets, games and activities, and original ESL songs, English lessons couldn’t be any more exciting for kids, and teaching English couldn’t be any easier for teachers. The AGO Kids ESL learning system was designed by ESL teachers who wanted the most fun and effective way to teach English using songs together with flashcards and worksheets. The system was so good that we wanted to share the flashcards and worksheets with everyone around the world, for free!

AGO Kids ESL songs are written with useful and complete grammar patterns. Students will naturally learn and remember English in the form of useful questions and answers. Teachers can then download the free flashcards and worksheets to build a complete curriculum.

Introduce English and grammar in class with our YouTube videos.

AGO Kids ESL’s YouTube channel also has fun videos that kids want to sing again and again. Introduce new English and grammar in class with our videos. Combining our free ESL flashcards and worksheets with our YouTube channel will supercharge any classroom and make it easy to prepare exciting lessons that kids always look forward to. Check out the AGO Kids ESL Resource Center to find your next songs, flashcards, and worksheets to use in your ESL lessons!

AGO Kids Rock songs will turn any average ESL classroom into a rockin’ classroom! Add some fun and energy into your English lessons by playing the CD’s or mp3’s in class. The songs are written by teachers for teachers with ESL students’ needs in mind. No more difficult lyrics that kids can’t sing and no more boring classes!

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Free flashcards by AGO Kids ESL are always a hit! Use them to remember song lyrics or new vocab in class! Best of all, they’re FREE!

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Our free ESL worksheets are the secret weapon to a successful classroom. Use them with the AGO Kids Rock songs and free ESL flashcards to create the ultimate lessons supercharged with fun.

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Awesome AGO Kids ESL Videos with Free Flashcards and Worksheets!

What do you like to think about?

I think about noisy narwhals!

AGO Kids Rock YouTube Channel 33 Things I Like To Think About Video

What animals do you like?

I like cats! Do You Like Cats?

AGO Kids Rock YouTube Channel What Animals Do You Like

What's this? What's that?

This is a frog! (Ribbit, ribbit!)

AGO Kids Rock YouTube Channel What's This What's That Video

Can you sing?

From ABC to XYZ?

AGO Kids Rock YouTube Channel ABC to XYZ alphabet song

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