AGO Kids ESL Songs
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AGO Kids ESL has a huge assortment of kids ESL songs designed specifically for learning and mastering English conversation. All of the songs in the AGO Kids Rock collection have simple grammar and teach many patterns. Many songs focus on repeating lyrics, and some songs even speed up to challenge the students! AGO Kids ESL songs combined with our free flashcards and worksheets take the challenge out of planning and preparing for lessons. On top of that, you’ll see your students’ ability to speak English skyrocket along with their motivation to study.

All of our songs are organized by topic and keyword, so it’s easy to find what you’re looking for. Plus we’re always working on new materials and looking for new ideas. We would especially love to hear if you have any requests for kids ESL songs, ESL worksheets, or ESL flashcards. Check back often for new materials, and don’t hesitate to send us a message.

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